The estate vineyards are mostly situated in the locality of Santa Maria, 8 km north of the municipality of San Gimignano, with the exception of a block of five hectares positioned under the walls of the old town, in the locality of “Le Fonti”, exposed eastwards.

The soil is of mixed consistency, quite light but characterised by considerable variability.

The volcanic and marine origin of the mother rock has characterised the formation of tuffaceous ridges distinguished by a large content of limestone. However, deep and surface layers of clay alternate along the contour of the hilly slope, favouring the upward movement of the aquifers, considerably changing the temperature, porosity and availability of water in the soil, even at short distances.

These pedological characteristics convey a high mineral content to the wines, which is typical of the area. The climate trend and vineyard management techniques enhance the intensity of expression in a different way every year.

The decision to harvest the grapes by hand and the organic management of the vineyard make it possible for us to obtain the finest quality grapes.
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